Alpha 2 - Extended Tunnels, Torch Particles, Leveling

What's New?

  • The foundation of a leveling system.
  • Extended tunnels: approximately double the previous size.
  • Torch particle system with dynamic torch light.
  • Post-processing.
  • One new piece of equipment.

Non-Visible Work

  • I've started working on multiple scripts to allow persistent equipment/inventory/leveling. Meaning that you will be able to go back up to the inn, or use other 'doors' to new scenes, and your equipment will persist. I planned to have this done for this update but I've run into a number of problems.

What's Next?

  • WASD movement as an alternative to left clicking to move.
  • Hopefully I can get the persistent equipment working.
  • New enemy types and more equipment models.
  • Further extended tunnels.
  • And more!


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Dec 23, 2017

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