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I don't know what to do. the game tells me to search the room and ended up finding some sort of book, but other than that i'm completely stumped. am i missing something? am i supposed to do something about the inventory or something?


I'm french Youtuber, It was a great experience,

 thank you

Thank you for sharing your playthrough!


I wanted to enjoy this, but any game that makes me restart when I die is really annoying. It's probably not very long. But having to tread through the same starting really kills the mood. The atmosphere is alright, but the music is much too intense for my tastes. I prefer subtilty like there being music for certain moments, or very soft music during exploration. And the killer, whatever it is, isn't scary, and was just annoying, and kind of janky with his weird constant swing, and move animation. I know it's based on the PSX, but there were much better animated games on the system than how this is depicted. I can tell it's generally well made, but just not for me, sadly.

Is there a way to heal?  I took a hit and spent five minutes walking around with bloodstains obscuring half the screen before I gave up.  I love what I've seen so far, but I'm not always the best at avoiding monsters, so I'd love to know if that bloodstain is permanent.

Yes the blood is permanent, but if we come back to The Emulator for a future update I think we will add healing over time. Glad you are otherwise enjoying!

Alrighty, then, time to bring my A game.  :)

Hey! played your game for my channel 

This game comes in at 13:20 , i enjoyed this game for the short time i played it, i will be doing a proper letsplay of it soon for sure..

Enjoyed your video, looks like you had a lot of fun making it! Definitely would love to see a letsplay, be sure to share it here if you do!

Haha glad you enjoyed the video, i will for sure be making a full lets play of it, i felt there was more i could do with it, i was just mmmmm drunk lol :'D when i do the letsplay ill for sure share it with you on here.

I found 2 of your endings! really good game considering it was for Scream Jam with a limited amount of time to make the game!

Thank you! Enjoyed your playthough. I do want to make a point that the game was originally made in one week, after which it was extended from one to four endings including the addition of the back yard, garage, and areas below the basement. Just wanted to be forward that the current version was developed over a span of a month and a half or so. Glad you enjoyed and hope you get the other endings!

I see! That would make sense. I will try to find the other endings! Thanks for watching and this really was a great game!

i really can't believe this game made me scream lol but definitely a good game

Thank you for sharing your playthrough!

It was a great experience thank you for the game hope to see more from you guys!

Loved your commentary! I just had the chance to watch the entire video, and do want to let you know there are a total of four alternate endings and we'd love to see you uncover them if you decide to play further :)

i got emulated ;P 

Thank you for sharing your playthrough!

Haha he is so fast bro, I got kill by him xD

Thanks for sharing your playthrough!

Nice game you have here T Allen.

Thank you!


Gave the game a shot...

Thanks for checking it out!


Thanks for continuing to bring new content to this great game. I loved the twist and new ending! Keep up the great work. 


P.S. It would be nice to not have your view locked in so close to the bear during the ritual as you will see in the video. It felt like I missed watching something as I could hear the candles burning.

(The below video is a complete walkthrough leading up to the new alternate ending along with roleplay commentary from "The Voice". Don't forget to support the developers and if you enjoy the video leave a like and subscribe to our channel for more indie horror games)


Thank you for sharing the playthrough! Yes there is actually a cutscene for the ritual, so I will be looking into why it didn't play. Enjoyed "The Voice" once again!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be watching and looking forward to anymore updates or anything new you are working on


With the unique commentary you offer,  you create a nice atmosphere that is very suitable for the game. This remind me a lot SCP. A Voice that unrelated with the gender of the person always find a host and call  all of them "Princess", versus a entity which mimic humans to eat them at the end, versus a demonic entity you summon.


Glad i finished this game because it was very scary and kept me on my toes.

Enjoyed your commentary, thank your for sharing your playthrough!


Your welcome you make some great games

struggled a bit ! but the game is great!

Thank you for sharing your playthrough! To get the outside key you can crouch with 'C', and there is an item in the computer room which is also very handy :)


Eu amei esse game =D


Thank you for sharing here! Enjoyed the playthrough!

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