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This terrifying experience was originally created in one week for Scream Jam 2018, in which it won Spook Award (Best Game) and Scare Award (Scariest Game).


When Sean's new girlfriend invites him over for dinner, the last thing he expects is a fight for his life! It's the night before Halloween and a new terror is about to be unleashed from the deep web! The Emulator!


  • PSX Graphics!
  • A House with Numerous Rooms and Secrets!
  • A Unique Assailant!
  • Full Xbox 360 Controller Support!
  • Original Music Composed by Clement Panchout!
  • 4 Very Different Endings with High Quality Cutscenes!

PSX Edition - Patron Exclusive

You can get access to another alternate ending, a Concluse 2 Easter egg, and a more authentic resolution in the PSX Edition of the game on our Patreon here. We also offer a number of other rewards at various tiers. 


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TheEmulator_Win.zip 243 MB
TheEmulator_MacOS.zip 250 MB

Development log


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i really can't believe this game made me scream lol but definitely a good game

i got emulated ;P 

Thank you for sharing your playthrough!

Haha he is so fast bro, I got kill by him xD

Thanks for sharing your playthrough!

Nice game you have here T Allen.

Thank you!


Gave the game a shot...

Thanks for checking it out!


Thanks for continuing to bring new content to this great game. I loved the twist and new ending! Keep up the great work. 


P.S. It would be nice to not have your view locked in so close to the bear during the ritual as you will see in the video. It felt like I missed watching something as I could hear the candles burning.

(The below video is a complete walkthrough leading up to the new alternate ending along with roleplay commentary from "The Voice". Don't forget to support the developers and if you enjoy the video leave a like and subscribe to our channel for more indie horror games)


Thank you for sharing the playthrough! Yes there is actually a cutscene for the ritual, so I will be looking into why it didn't play. Enjoyed "The Voice" once again!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be watching and looking forward to anymore updates or anything new you are working on


With the unique commentary you offer,  you create a nice atmosphere that is very suitable for the game. This remind me a lot SCP. A Voice that unrelated with the gender of the person always find a host and call  all of them "Princess", versus a entity which mimic humans to eat them at the end, versus a demonic entity you summon.


Glad i finished this game because it was very scary and kept me on my toes.

Enjoyed your commentary, thank your for sharing your playthrough!


Your welcome you make some great games

struggled a bit ! but the game is great!

Thank you for sharing your playthrough! To get the outside key you can crouch with 'C', and there is an item in the computer room which is also very handy :)


Eu amei esse game =D


Thank you for sharing here! Enjoyed the playthrough!


Nice job devs :P

Thank you!

Deleted post

Story is pretty loose, could probably remind people of various slashers. Story was built up around the Emulator, which as far as we know is a unique enemy to our game :)

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Hey I beat it! Supposedly this video is funny but it can show you what you need to get out!  Ending Cutscene Included!

Good game I liked it! Although there are some things I'd have changed that might make the game just a little scarier. I talk about it at the end of my video!


I really liked this game. I enjoyed what it offere and I like the retro graphics. Great game. I will have to play again in order to escape though.

Thank you for sharing your play through!


The game looks nice and runs pretty well, though I found this more funny than scary. But I enjoyed it none the less. This game was good for the short time it was made in. Nice job.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed, do want to point out you can crouch to get the key outside. There is also an item in the computer room, and from there numerous items and steps to take to beat the game.


Very spooky and fun game, well done for a game jam. I regretfully failed in the surviving aspect of the game. But I enjoyed the heck out of the experience, I look forward to more stuff from this developer in the future. 

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed!


This girl is freaky kinky but I don’t think her parents approve.. I mean her mom stabbed me in the butt lol XD 

Enjoyed the commentary!

Here's Full Gameplay of This Game

Thanks for sharing your playthrough! Do want to let you know there have been a few updates since the version you played though.


Really interesting game! Never been so scared by a box before. Definitely never ordering something from the deep web! 

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had a fun time watching your playthrough, thanks for playing  :)


I enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing your playthrough!


Pretty engaging horror game, good stuff! 


Glad you liked it!


Could not for the life of me figure out how to win but still a good game!

Thanks for sharing! Keys to winning the game include using the vents and knowing bathroom mirrors can open :)


Very scary game.  Had the feel of an old PS1 game.

Thoroughly enjoyed your commentary!


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a spoooooky video


Thank you for the video! It looks like you missed a key near Sarah if you'd like to try again, appreciate the playthrough either way :)


No Problem! I just realized that I learned how to crouch way after I stopped trying for that key lol..


Yeah I figured that haha, enjoyed the commentary!


Here you go! How do I put this lightly...That transforming killer annoyed the ever-loving hell out of me. No joke it took me like idk...2 days to make this video. Not because of the editing, but just due to the fact that I'm not a bright cookie apparently! Still a great halloween indie title! 

Glad you persisted! Really enjoyed your commentary!

Made a video


Thanks for sharing your playthrough! There have been some updates since the version you played, so we hope you'll give it another go with the newest version :)

Great fun old skool horror game with a cool story and game mechanics also just realised its the same devs that made concluse which I was a fan of Aswell great job

Thanks for sharing your playthrough! Love your commentary!

Deleted post

Hey Michae! Enjoyed the commentary man, there have been a couple updates since the version you played so we hope you may give it another try in the future :) Biggest thing is probably making use of the vents and knowing that bathroom mirrors can open.


so i revisted this game after finding out that you had updated the game fixing most of the problems i encounter also didn't know the killer can change into a cat and other objects which extremely threw me off ( i couldn't go through  a wall panel at 28:58)  

still had a great time playing so im glad i decided to play this game again!

(1 edit)

Glad you played again! Ah, yes that is because you have to remove the cover on both sides of that vent (which I know isn't made clear on our end).

(1 edit) (+1)

"We weren't expecting to be invited back so quickly but we're so glad when we got the call. We had a great time revisiting with our old friends and enjoyed the new twists. Happy Palace  was very thorough in their clean up this time. Looks like we won't be coming back anytime soon. Pity."


(The below video is a complete walk through of the update with the new cinematic ending and "voice" commentary. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy it and want to see more)

Thanks for the playthrough of the update! Enjoyed your commentary :)

thanks so much! The new key threw me off at first nice job! but was glad to have a reason to play again. Great ending! Can wait to see what you come up with next. 

I fell through the map down in the basement. I had just picked up the fuse and was walking around the left side (facing the stairs). 


Oh that's odd, thank you for letting us know so we can check that out.

Other than that, very fun game! Not sure where to find the wifi password for the laptop, but that's on me :) 

Glad you've enjoyed it, and I'll hint that it is in the kitchen area :)

Totally walked right by  it multiple times. Thanks :) great end cutscene.


Apart from the blood on the screen (I understand that's being sorted) I enjoyed this little escape from a red stabby man.

Hey! Thanks for uploading your playthrough, the update we released last night overhauled the blood and added/changed some other goodies :)

Must have downloaded before the update hit but nevermind 😀

Pretty cool if a bit frustrating. Definitely felt a sense of urgency in the game when it showed up :)

I made a video but you can just ignore everything I say in the second half because I have no idea what I'm talking about :)

Hey! Thanks for the playthrough! Unless I'm mistaken it appears you didn't see that you can access the vents once you have the screw driver, and that bathroom mirrors can open. We definitely hope you'll check it out again :)

Nothing like a night with friends. To bad the power went out but we made due with some games. The meal was exquisite too. Our compliments to the chef. We were so sad when it finally came time to leave but we promised to host next time. We even have the perfect game to play. We just ordered it online...just need to wait for it to be delivered.

XOXO - C.P.  

Thanks for the playthrough! We actually just released another update last night with some changes including an end game cutscene, we hope if you play again you enjoy that :)

Great! Definitely will play it again. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the great work!

Awesome, and absolutely we love seeing playthroughs. Thank you!

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At first: Thanks for that game. :-) Great work.
Is it possible to increase the fov?  It was little hard for me to move around because of that small view angle.  Sometimes i was able to glitch/look through the walls and from bedroom i was able to click on the mirror in bathroom.

Thank you PizzaMonster! The FOV was done how it is as a stylistic choice, but if others have the same feedback we may add an option to adjust it. We thought we had fixed clipping into walls, so it would be great if you could list the walls in which this was the case. You could do so here, or email me at t.allen.mma@gmail.com :)

I vote [YES] on the FOV slider please. All PC games should come with that feature, as some people get headaches and even motion sick when the FOV is too low. Plus, a higher FOV just looks nicer. It's cool to set it at a "Recommended" FOV, that's fine, but give people the option to adjust it incase of reason I just listed.

An option to adjust the FOV would be really great. LOL you're funny :-) It's hard for me to list walls from a level where i totally lost my orientation because of the small FOV.  Definately from bedroom to bathroom. Also one time i saw some sort of stairs but idk where i was. Sorry for that. I really loved the style and the atmosphere but i wasn't able to play longer than 10mins because i felt some sort of motion sickness.

I totally hear what you guys are saying, as of this moment I'm planning to include a FOV option in the next update.

I tried to start it, but it was directly shutdown with a warning because of unsafe connection to remote server. Something with uploadhandler.h and a unityconnectmodule.dll file. i cant remember exactly, but maybe this helps.
Is there a way to play the game without whatever it tries to connect or upload?

I have no idea why this would be the case, there isn't any network stuff going on in the project/game. If you want to give me more details including screenshots, you could email me at t.allen.mma@gmail.com. 

If you use sys protector stuff, just shut down internet connection before playing...  worked for me.

Thank you PizzaMonster, that helped . I don't know the reason  I'm not an expert. Anyway, I played it  but it was hard for me because of the small view. I play on 27" widescreen and such a narrow view feels like a big scrolling texture. It's okay if this is an art or style decision but sadly not a game i can enjoy.

If by small view you're meaning the 4:3 aspect ratio, go into the options and change it to either SD or HD to use the entire monitor. 

Thanks that helped a bit. And i found a solution after me and my bro took a closer look in that thing. After we could't play some more downloaded games, we found out that some security tools which scan downloaded files were diving into the IL/bytecode to scan that. If there are c or c++ .h bindings and is has something to do with network connection they put the whole DLL on the blacklist. So there was no need to be a network expert to get this LOL. Whiped it from the blacklist and it wasn't shut down when internet is connected. This was  very helpful for me because i also want to provide clean software. Maybe this link can help you: stackoverflow.com/questions/47247888/how-can-i-exclude-unnecessary-dlls-from-my-build
So my fault, delete the whole thread if you want, because its developer stuff.

Glad to read that Mr.Rod. And now dont waste your tears and stop acting like a bitch, mimimimi.. play the damn game. :-D i m sure the dev will add a FOV slider so you can enjoy it on your 27" mega hyper 5000000 lumen power screen. I am going to replay this when it gets an update. If i would be a part of the ingame stuff players would not be able to see me completely. because i m a really fat pizzy monster and you need a 179° deg view angle to see my whole body. But im  not part of the game, luckily :-)  so a decent FOV-Slider would be absolutly  perfect.

(1 edit) (+1)

So, It would appear I'm one of the few to complete the game and upload it! Quick review: FOV was way too low for my liking, Screen effects from getting hit were terrible and rendered the game unplayable from getting hit 3 time, forcing people to restart, No clear indication of exactly what to do and where to do it, as well as unclear when holding an item (Recommend an icon on screen when holding an item) Got stuck A LOT while trying to traverse the house, also VERY DARK, consider adding a brightness slider please. All in all, looking past all the bugs and or issues. It was a decent game and somewhat fun to play Story was cool, and the monster was unique. i give it an 8/10. You can watch my full playthrough of the game as well as how to finish it, below! Thanks!


Super awesome seeing you figure out and beat the game! We will absolutely be updating how the blood on screen works, and adding a little more direction. Glad you enjoyed over all, thanks for sharing your video!

No, problem! I always like helping and encouraging fellow creators!


The Emulator

This game was so damn hard! terrifying but good! :D i really wanted to get further but i had no chance :( great job on creating this game! :D 


Enjoyed your video!

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