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"We weren't expecting to be invited back so quickly but we're so glad when we got the call. We had a great time revisiting with our old friends and enjoyed the new twists. Happy Palace  was very thorough in their clean up this time. Looks like we won't be coming back anytime soon. Pity."


(The below video is a complete walk through of the update with the new cinematic ending and "voice" commentary. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy it and want to see more)

Thanks for the playthrough of the update! Enjoyed your commentary :)

thanks so much! The new key threw me off at first nice job! but was glad to have a reason to play again. Great ending! Can wait to see what you come up with next. 

I fell through the map down in the basement. I had just picked up the fuse and was walking around the left side (facing the stairs). 


Oh that's odd, thank you for letting us know so we can check that out.

Other than that, very fun game! Not sure where to find the wifi password for the laptop, but that's on me :) 

Glad you've enjoyed it, and I'll hint that it is in the kitchen area :)

Totally walked right by  it multiple times. Thanks :) great end cutscene.


Apart from the blood on the screen (I understand that's being sorted) I enjoyed this little escape from a red stabby man.

Hey! Thanks for uploading your playthrough, the update we released last night overhauled the blood and added/changed some other goodies :)

Must have downloaded before the update hit but nevermind 😀

Pretty cool if a bit frustrating. Definitely felt a sense of urgency in the game when it showed up :)

I made a video but you can just ignore everything I say in the second half because I have no idea what I'm talking about :)

Hey! Thanks for the playthrough! Unless I'm mistaken it appears you didn't see that you can access the vents once you have the screw driver, and that bathroom mirrors can open. We definitely hope you'll check it out again :)

Nothing like a night with friends. To bad the power went out but we made due with some games. The meal was exquisite too. Our compliments to the chef. We were so sad when it finally came time to leave but we promised to host next time. We even have the perfect game to play. We just ordered it online...just need to wait for it to be delivered.

XOXO - C.P.  

Thanks for the playthrough! We actually just released another update last night with some changes including an end game cutscene, we hope if you play again you enjoy that :)

Great! Definitely will play it again. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the great work!

Awesome, and absolutely we love seeing playthroughs. Thank you!

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At first: Thanks for that game. :-) Great work.
Is it possible to increase the fov?  It was little hard for me to move around because of that small view angle.  Sometimes i was able to glitch/look through the walls and from bedroom i was able to click on the mirror in bathroom.

Thank you PizzaMonster! The FOV was done how it is as a stylistic choice, but if others have the same feedback we may add an option to adjust it. We thought we had fixed clipping into walls, so it would be great if you could list the walls in which this was the case. You could do so here, or email me at :)

I vote [YES] on the FOV slider please. All PC games should come with that feature, as some people get headaches and even motion sick when the FOV is too low. Plus, a higher FOV just looks nicer. It's cool to set it at a "Recommended" FOV, that's fine, but give people the option to adjust it incase of reason I just listed.

An option to adjust the FOV would be really great. LOL you're funny :-) It's hard for me to list walls from a level where i totally lost my orientation because of the small FOV.  Definately from bedroom to bathroom. Also one time i saw some sort of stairs but idk where i was. Sorry for that. I really loved the style and the atmosphere but i wasn't able to play longer than 10mins because i felt some sort of motion sickness.

I totally hear what you guys are saying, as of this moment I'm planning to include a FOV option in the next update.

I tried to start it, but it was directly shutdown with a warning because of unsafe connection to remote server. Something with uploadhandler.h and a unityconnectmodule.dll file. i cant remember exactly, but maybe this helps.
Is there a way to play the game without whatever it tries to connect or upload?

I have no idea why this would be the case, there isn't any network stuff going on in the project/game. If you want to give me more details including screenshots, you could email me at 

If you use sys protector stuff, just shut down internet connection before playing...  worked for me.

Thank you PizzaMonster, that helped . I don't know the reason  I'm not an expert. Anyway, I played it  but it was hard for me because of the small view. I play on 27" widescreen and such a narrow view feels like a big scrolling texture. It's okay if this is an art or style decision but sadly not a game i can enjoy.

If by small view you're meaning the 4:3 aspect ratio, go into the options and change it to either SD or HD to use the entire monitor. 

Thanks that helped a bit. And i found a solution after me and my bro took a closer look in that thing. After we could't play some more downloaded games, we found out that some security tools which scan downloaded files were diving into the IL/bytecode to scan that. If there are c or c++ .h bindings and is has something to do with network connection they put the whole DLL on the blacklist. So there was no need to be a network expert to get this LOL. Whiped it from the blacklist and it wasn't shut down when internet is connected. This was  very helpful for me because i also want to provide clean software. Maybe this link can help you:
So my fault, delete the whole thread if you want, because its developer stuff.

Glad to read that Mr.Rod. And now dont waste your tears and stop acting like a bitch, mimimimi.. play the damn game. :-D i m sure the dev will add a FOV slider so you can enjoy it on your 27" mega hyper 5000000 lumen power screen. I am going to replay this when it gets an update. If i would be a part of the ingame stuff players would not be able to see me completely. because i m a really fat pizzy monster and you need a 179° deg view angle to see my whole body. But im  not part of the game, luckily :-)  so a decent FOV-Slider would be absolutly  perfect.

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So, It would appear I'm one of the few to complete the game and upload it! Quick review: FOV was way too low for my liking, Screen effects from getting hit were terrible and rendered the game unplayable from getting hit 3 time, forcing people to restart, No clear indication of exactly what to do and where to do it, as well as unclear when holding an item (Recommend an icon on screen when holding an item) Got stuck A LOT while trying to traverse the house, also VERY DARK, consider adding a brightness slider please. All in all, looking past all the bugs and or issues. It was a decent game and somewhat fun to play Story was cool, and the monster was unique. i give it an 8/10. You can watch my full playthrough of the game as well as how to finish it, below! Thanks!


Super awesome seeing you figure out and beat the game! We will absolutely be updating how the blood on screen works, and adding a little more direction. Glad you enjoyed over all, thanks for sharing your video!

No, problem! I always like helping and encouraging fellow creators!


The Emulator

This game was so damn hard! terrifying but good! :D i really wanted to get further but i had no chance :( great job on creating this game! :D 


Enjoyed your video!


i really enjoyed playing this game although i discovered that one can accidentally go through the walls which is shown in the video i made but it made me laugh alot but i see potential in this game being really good if some of the issues are fixed


Really enjoyed watching your playthrough! We have put out another update that includes fixes for all the bugs you encountered, one of which we were unaware of until your video haha. Hope you give it another go, and if you do record another video we'll be waiting to check it out!


Yeah. It looks like my laptop interaction issue has been patched out. So my video's gonna be a little outdated in terms of game version. But it's still a good game. Just wish we had something better to work with in terms of showing damage instead of the blood splatter effect.

We put out another update today which fixed a number of bugs including the emulator going through the player. And the previous patch fixed the cursor not being visible on the game over screen as well. We love to see playthrough videos so definitely be sure and share if you do another in the future!

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Well then... that was interesting. *sips tea*

In some way I feel left out. "When you try your best but you don't succeeeeeeeeeeeeeed." 

Enjoyed the playthrough! Don't feel left out I just missed your vid, awesome you were able to finish the working version! Love the energy in your commentary, fun to watch :)

I thought you watched the vid and hated it, but I guess not... yay.


Not going to repeat what others have said about the interaction issues, but I loved this game. I had fun going through the house trying to find little secrets, and the excitement I had once I did. The monster is creepy but somehow familiar and the fact it changes into random objects is actually unsettling.


Loved the playthrough! The interaction issues are fixed in the post jam version already, but we will be releasing another update today so I would recommend waiting for it as well :)


From the concept alone, I'm giving this the rating for best game. I've already played the updated version of this game after this video, so it's too bad I never actually got to finish it in video due to the interaction bug..But this is close enough right? This game was slightly reminiscent to my experience in Babysitter Bloodbath and Stay Out of the House, and I thought you made this pretty straightforward especially with the objective on the top right. Hope to see more projects similar to this one!

Hey PhuCat! Enjoyed your video and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. We also will be updating the game again today, and that update will include making progression a bit clearer and more in depth. Along with a couple fixes, polish, and replay-ability features :) 


After seeing the body, find the screwdriver and maybe-grabbing the Wifi code, I see zero items to help me progress further? I unscrewed the hatches but found no item to help me progress after looking through the house numerous times, perhaps the item is missing? Assuming there's a key somewhere.

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Hello Neco, you're correct there is a key. My guess is that you arent away of one of the things you can interact with, and those would be bathroom mirrors. Assuming you did use all vents and hatches.

We will likely do something to make it more apparent they can be opened.

Ack - Welp! I'll facepalm for not ever seeing the mirror being interactable, likely having seen that drawers, toilet seats and everything else weren't touchable, I'm guessing my brain just disabled any form of curiosity that a 'Bathroom mirror' of all things would be, where all the other ordinarily-openable things weren't interactable.

Completely understand, with the time frame of the  jam we were unable to get to openable drawers and other things. 

So I just wasn't sure what the game wanted from me. The atmosphere is pretty good up until the monster, but after that point it all gets a bit tedious. Compounding on that, I had to restart the whole game on every death due to a lack of cursor on the death screen. It might have been some bugs that I ran into, but crossing the door threshold while being chased never triggered anything except the subtitles and led to me being stuck outside with mr monster man puppy-guarding the door. Left feeling confused.


Hey CoalFire! The way he was getting stuck in the door is a bug. However what you were missing the use of the screwdriver, which leads to other objects, and even an end game. Also the game over screen is set up for controller, so using arrow keys or wasd and enter. But we will add a cursor as well with our next update.




Hi. I am a consumer of Happy Palace deep web services and purchased your product 'EMULATOR' three weeks ago, and was looking for a refund. Basically I was expecting the product to be an all-in-one software console emulator, but when I put the installer CD in my computer, the disk launched software that compromised my computer and basically made static appear on my screen. Concerned by this, I took the computer to a repair shop that day for a recovery, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Unfortunately, the store recently had an incident, so I'm not able to return the product. Apparently the staff were found dead - stabbed, apparently - and my computer self-combusted in some sort of electrical fire. Notwithstanding this bizarre occurrence I believe your product is maliciously designed to attack and destroy user software and if a $200 refund is not given I will see you in court to repay costs for my computer. Thanks.  


This game was alot of fun good job

Hey thanks for the playthrough! You exposed a couple bugs that must have snuck in when we were trying to fix other issues. We will be updating the game tonight with all screws and vents working, along with some other polish and fixes.

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