Checkpoints, New Ending, and More!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We are very excited to have come back to make some much needed additions and changes. The most important of which is the introduction of checkpoints! This is something that I wish we would have done long ago but I'm very excited to have included for players now. No more having to restart from scratch when you die unless you choose to do so!

The second most exciting component of this update is a new ending! The Emulator now has a total of 5 endings. This new ending will be of special interest to those who follow our other projects!

Here is the near complete list of the changes you can expect:

  • Checkpoint system.
  • New ending.
  • Additional objectives to provide more direction throughout the game.
  • Tips on the game over screen.
  • Better player collision detection with the environment.
  • Fixed in-game sensitivity slider not working.
  • Increased run speed.
  • Reduced footstep sound effect frequency.
  • Difficulty selection screen instead of having to use the options menu.
  • Fixed apparent lack of gravity when running down stairs.
  • Removed random chance of forced chase when using doors and vents. It's understandable that this felt completely random though we initially meant it to be a response to the sound being made.

Lastly for those of you awaiting the release of CONCLUSE 2, we will have an announcement on that store page in the next few days!

Note for MacOS users: We are no longer supporting MacOS for any of our projects so this update is unfortunately only for Windows.

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