Emulator LOS, Stealth, More Initial Instruction, Volume Slider, and More..

Here is a nearly complete change-log for today's update:

  • Emulator line of sight shortened, in areas like hallways it should be possible to spot the emulator without triggering him.
  • Stealth: When crouched the emulator will have a harder time seeing the player.
  • More goals at the beginning in the game, in the place of what was simply "Explore the House" there are now three more straight forward goals.
  • Controls/Instructions image is now available in the pause menu if you need a refresher mid-game.
  • Music volume slider now available in the options menu.
  • Added/enhanced graphics in some places; all drawers now have more prominent handles to help mark them as intractable.
  • After the teddy bear ritual the "Begin Ritual" text will no longer appear now.
  • After opening the door to the altar room, the key graphic can be seen in the key hole/slot now.
  • Added graphics in kitchen, wardrobes, etc.
  • Volume and sensitivity sliders in pause menu.


TheEmulator_Win.zip 243 MB
Jan 09, 2019
TheEmulator_MacOS.zip 250 MB
Jan 09, 2019

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